Are you craving some relaxation?


Our eye pillows can definitely help aid you in finding that space to relax and just chill out. The gently weighted eye pillow helps to stimulate the nervous system which helps to relax you by sending calming messages to your body.


You can use your eye pillow hot or cold.

Use for yoga, meditation or to help induce sleep. Soothe tired eyes and help relieve tension and headaches.


Unscented Or Scented with lavender buds

26cm by 10cm approx due to handmade nature.

100% Wheat filled

Double stitched seams

Made in NZ

Heat in the microwave

Cool in the freezer




Leopard linen front

Black velvet back

Eye Pillow - Leopard Linen

  • How to use your Eye Pillow

    To heat

    Heat in the microwave with water in a cup, to keep the moisture in the wheat.

    Heat in 30 second bursts, checking for desired temperature reached.

    Lay over your eyes and forehead.


    Avoid overheating as this can cause injury or become flammable.


    For Cold

    Pop your wheat bag in a bag into  the freezer for a minimum of 30 minutes, apply to the affected area.

    Lay over your eyes and forehead.